CTC Cornwall AGM 2017 – Invitation and Papers

You are warmly invited to Cornwall CTC Annual General Meeting at 10.30 am on Sunday 29th October, 2017 at the Lecture Room, Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, Cott Road, Lostwithiel, PL22 0HW.  We do hope you can join us!

Refreshments from the Duchy Cafe on arrival (free).  At 12 noon we will visit a local pub  (Earl of Chatham) for lunch followed by a short cycle ride (approx. 10 miles in total).  Contact: David 07718 483875 for more information.  Agenda and Draft Minutes of 2016 AGM are below.


  1.  Introductions
  2.  Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of 2016 AGM for Approval
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Presentation of Annual Report for Meeting Approval
  6. Presentation of Financial Report for Meeting Approval
  7. Future Directions
    1. Rebranding – following review of decision at 2016 AGM
    2. Events
    3. Regular Rides and Informal Groups within CTC Cornwall
    4. Campaigning Issues
  8. Election of Officers
    1. Chair
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. Registration Officer*
    5. Welfare Officer*
    6. Publicity Officer*
    7. Election of other (non-mandatory roles)  members of committee
  9. Any Other Business

* roles so marked may be combined with first three officer roles


Draft Minutes of CTC Cornwall Annual General Meeting 2016

Sunday 23rd October 2016, Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, Lostwithiel

Committee present:  Dave Ball, David Byfield, Megan Evans, Andy Ferris, Ann Kinahan, Mike Trise, Ann Wendik-Byfield

Other Members present: Carol Beaver, Jo Campbell, Amanda Erith, Alan Fryett, C. Gilbert, Norman Hayes, Geoff Waterton,

(Other non members also present)

1. Introductions

2. Apologies:  Martyn Aldis

3. Minutes of the 2015 AGM

The minutes have been accepted as a true statement of the meeting held.

Proposer: Ann K, seconded: Ann WB

4. Matters arising from these Minutes

No matters arising.

5. Presentation of the Annual Report for meeting approval

Summary of report:

i. Member count in Cornwall: 431

ii. The Website is using the Easily host which runs on WordPress. The site is updated frequently to show the latest news about forthcoming rides and a blog of past events. Thanks was given to Ann K for her ongoing updating work.

iii. Social media tool Facebook is used to support the parent group CTC Cornwall and the 2 sub groups Liskeard Velo and Liskeard Ladies Cycle Group. All sites are used frequently to advertise events and cycling topics of interest.

iv. A Survey Monkey exercise has recently been run to gauge knowledge and interest of local rides in Cornwall, the results of which were discussed as an agenda item today. The results to be looked at in more detail at the next committee meeting in January 2017.

v. Campaigning news. In Martyn A’s absence a brief of the 2016 campaigning issues was given based on his prepared report which was issued to the audience.

Current items cover the 2 A30 road dualling projects: Bodmin Moor Temple section and, Carland Cross to Chiverton roundabout.

A special request was made that members ‘have their say’ by joining the Highway England consultation survey. If you do take part please can you let Martyn know. Thank you.

vi. Under Regular rides a summary of the current status of the 3 ride groups was given: Liskeard Velo, Liskeard Ladies Cycle Group and, the informal non-CTC Wednesday evening ‘pub’ ride.

vii. Special events. The camping trip was postponed due to a clash in dates however, many people expressed an interest in doing it next year.

This year’s ‘long ride’ in August took 8 riders to The Lizard on a fine summer’s day. Special thanks given to Ann K and Geoff W for providing the return transport and Rose T and Ann K, Geoff W and Susie W for the post-ride picnic.

Presentation details accepted: Proposer Mike T; seconder Andy F

6. Presentation of Financial Statement for meeting approval

Martyn has provided a statement of fact for the 2015/2016 year which shows the club account balance as £1421.45 in credit.

Presentation details accepted: Proposer Ann K, seconder Andy F

Megan E’s query regards the issue of the annual CTC grant was clarified by David B.

7. Future directions

i. CTC Re-branding

Background. Earlier in the year the CTC re-branded to become Cycling UK. As a result the organisation has encouraged the member groups to use the new name but not insisted in a specific format. This has left the groups to decide on how they wish to adapt their name if at all.

Our response. We decided to approach a number of other member groups to see what they proposed to do. Ann K ran the exercise and drew up a presentation for our members to vote upon at the AGM. The presentation was emailed (subject to Data Protection requests) to all Cornwall members for whom an email address was held together with an invitation to the AGM.

The options put forward:

a. Maintain the status quo ie. Make no changes and review again in 2017.

b. Change the name of CTC Cornwall to reflect it’s association with Cycling UK (eg. Cycling UK Cornwall) and move towards removing all references to CTC Cornwall in promotional materials.

c. Make a smaller change to the name of CTC Cornwall to reflect its association with Cycling UK (eg. CTC Cornwall, part of Cycling UK) and move towards amending references to CTC Cornwall accordingly in promotional materials.

d. Leave the name CTC Cornwall unchanged but update all promotional materials to ensure the association with Cycling UK is clarified and, review again in 2017.

Some comments from the audience:

Nicky: Didn’t know what CTC stood for. Had joined the club to cycle with like minded people. What’s in a name?

Amanda E and Carol B: similar comment

Dave B: Likes the new name Cycling UK as it covers all types of cycling the club represents

Alan F: Whilst a chair of a member group in a different sort of organisation which re-branded he pointed out that they were instructed to how the new name would be expected to be adopted; which by doing so left none of the issues we are presented with today.

Andy F: Likes the new name Cycling UK which is more modern and encompasses all types of rider, he feels that the manner in which the organisation has conducted the change has upset a lot of members.

Roger C: At the Derby CTC AGM the committee decided on how the new name should be adopted without consulting their members.

Charlie G: The club is about cycling and the new name is more 21st century whilst the old name is more historical however, the change should not be to the detriment of the old name.

Jo C: The CTC name does not identify with the sort of riding we do whilst the new name does and is more appropriate for all types of cyclists.

Mike T: The problem is that Head Office have not defined how the new name should be adopted by the member groups. We should embrace the future. A new modern name will attract new members as can be seen by the recent set up of British Cycling.

The Vote:

From the audience and those who voted through the Re-branding exercise:

Option A – 0.

B – 12.

C – 0.

D – 15.

Option D is carried ie. Leave the name CTC Cornwall unchanged but update all promotional materials to ensure the association with Cycling UK is clarified and, review again in 2017.

Megan E proposed thanks to Ann K for doing the re-branding exercise, seconder: Andy F.

ii. Future Events

Sat 5th December – Liskeard Ladies Group – Dave B maintenance seminar

Sun 11th December – Liskeard Groups Christmas ride and meal – The Victoria, Pensilva. Meet on The Parade at 9am.

Sat 17th December – Liskeard Ladies Group – Christmas mince pie social at Megan’s house.

Sat 31st December – Family Christmas ride along Camel Trail – meet 9.30am at The Borough Arms, Dunmere, Bodmin

March 2017 – new mens introduction group – once a month – Liskeard Easy Riders – organisers Dave B and Mike T

iii. Regular rides and iv. Campaigning issues – already covered in item 5. Annual report.

v. Survey Monkey

Background to the exercise briefly covered in item 5. Annual report.

The results together with a list of comments respondents had made were read out to the audience. One recurring comment is a lack of communication.

The results will be looked at again in more detail at the next Committee meeting.

Andy F asked for a list of the members living in the Penzance area so that he might promote a new group.

8. Election of officers and committee

All of the previous officers and committee members have wished to stand again and in their existing roles. Proposals unanimously carried by all those elected.

The roles for the record are:

i. Chair Megan E

ii. Secretary David B

iii. Treasurer Martyn A

iv. Registration Officer David B

v. Welfare Officer Andy F

vi. Publicity Officer Ann K

vii. Election of additional officers (non mandatory)

Mike T for St Austell area

Dave B for Looe area

Ann WB Liskeard Ladies Group organiser

Lynn Budge has agreed to stand again as the Honorary Auditor (not present –

contacted previously by David B)

Meeting closes.

Thanks given to The Duchy of Cornwall Nursery for the use of their facilities.