Rider Info

Enjoying Our Rides Safely

Riding with a group is a safe way to enjoy our Cornish countryside . However in order to ensure the safety of the group and other road users, we ask our riders to follow a few extra rules when on our rides.

Before setting out

Ensure your bike is roadworthy. Liskeard Cycles can help you do this at a very reasonable cost.  Bring spare inner tube, pump and tyre levers. You should also bring suitable clothing. A shell top can help keep you dry and warm. Lights are essential from October through to March.

Keeping safe

  • When on narrow roads please help to ensure the group is aware of traffic: “car up” means a car is waiting to pass the group from behind; “car down” that a car is approaching from the front. Please allow cars (and faster cyclists) to overtake whenever safe and reasonable to do so.
  • Please signal potholes or other hazards to to other riders, and be aware of and act on the signals of others.
  • When slowing down or stopping please make sure you call “stopping” or signal, to avoid cyclists behind running into you. Once stopped please stay off, or to the side of, the roadway, keeping the road clear for others. Avoid stopping where you may not easily be seen, such as just after a bend or junction.
  • We should not wear headphones – to ride safely in a group you need to be able to hear what’s going on around you.

Keeping together

  • To keep the group safe, please avoid riding ahead of the leader, unless invited to do so. If you do go ahead, please wait for the group at the next junction.
  • Where the group turns into a side road or at a T-junction, please ensure the rider(s) behind you have seen you turn. If no rider is visible, please wait at the turn until he or she arrives.
  • If possible we appoint a backstop who will keep at the back of the ride to ensure no-one is left behind. If you decide to leave the ride before the end point, please let the backstop and/or the leader know.

PLEASE NOTE: CTC Cornwall cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage caused or sustained as a result of participation in club activities. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider  CTC membership.

Finally,  we need to remember  we are all responsible for our own safety when riding with CTC Cornwall and should always follow the Highway Code.